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7CF Furniture Polish 550ml

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Rs. 800.00

7cf spray furniture polish is very Good Quality productclean furniture instantlyenhance and maintain the original surfacewipe the surface after spray With soft cotton cloth.for polishing the wooden furniture, cabinet, doors and windows..

7CF Leather & Tyre Wax Polish Shine Protect 450ml

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Rs. 470.00

7CF Polish Wax is one of the most convenient and in- demand products of the company. It is a highly functional product that preserves the car's exterior and gives it .....

Dashboard Polish Flamingo Black Ice 450ml

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Rs. 400.00

It contains protective polishing wax, suitable for vehicles, dashboard, leather seats, synthetic leather products etc. Increase surface glossiness and remove dirt. Also suitable for household appliance, furniture and plastic products. Polishing and c..

Dashboard Polish Mix Flamingo 450ml

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Rs. 400.00

Brand: FlamingoType: Polish SpraySize: 450 mlProtects the dashboard.Contains protective polishing wax.Remove dirt.Long lasting fragrance..

Formula Carnauba Wax Tube Bike and Car Polish 100g

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Rs. 450.00

Restores weathered and damaged paint finishes to their original beauty.Easily handles the toughest paint problems like scratches, bird droppings, water spots and oxidation.Advanced polishing compounds remove surface paint damage without scratching...

Formula1 Black Color Wax Polish 473ml

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Rs. 2,000.00

Restores Black Color and Fills in Scratches!Special Nano Polymer formula bonds to paint finishes to smooth and sealGives a brilliant, deep gloss shine and long-lasting protectionRestores paint finish to look like newBest on Black paint finishes..

Formula1 White Color Wax Polish 473ml

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Rs. 2,000.00

This color wax helps bring out the vividness of your car’s paint. Specifically designed for use on automotive paint, this premium car wax provides a deep, wet-looking shine. Give your car a high-gloss finish with a fresh coat of Formula 1 Color Wax a..

Harris Tyre Glow, Tyre Polish 315ml

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Rs. 350.00

Giving show-car look Prevent from dust Long Lasting desirable shine Resistant to wash from weather...

Klink Protectant Dashboard Polish Rose\Motia\Jasmine\Strawberry 10 Sachet Pack

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Rs. 90.00

Klink Protectant is specially formulated to clean, shine & protect your cars & bikes. For use on interior & exterior - plastic, vinyl, rubber, trim. Simply spray & wipe off with a high-quality microfiber cloth...

Total Express Polish

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Rs. 3,000.00

The TOTAL Express Polish removes stains and dirt from the body. Facilitate the dust removal from surfaces and gives a long term protective shining.The nature of wax deposited during the cleaning forms a hydrophobic and anticorrosion film...

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