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7CF Hard Wax Body Polish 200g

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Rs. 600.00

Protects your car color from getting fade. Protects your car color from dust scratches. Long lasting shine and protection. High quality. Suitable for car of any color...

Carnauba Car Wax Flamingo 300ml
Carnauba Car Wax Flamingo 300ml

Carnauba Car Wax Flamingo 300ml

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Rs. 1,100.00

Long Lasting Shine High Quaity Product Ultimate Protection Advance Micro-Polishing Technology Liquid Formula Easy to Use Flamingo Carnauba Car Wax is made from High Quality Carnauba Wax From Brazil. It i s Very Easy To Apply to you car Paint Surface...

Carrera Liquid Polish & Wax Eliminate Scratches and Oxidized Paint Automotive Cleaning Polish 250 ml

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Rs. 560.00

Carrera Liquid Wax protects and enhances a car's paint coating. Car polish is best used after cleaning and polishing to produce an intense abrasive effect. It quickly eradicates defective spots by smoothing out the painted surface by filling swirls a..

Cosmic Car Wax 200G

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Rs. 1,200.00

Car body hard polishing wax Kangaroo Superior Quality Car Wax Hard Type Car Wax..

Formula1 Carnauba Car Wax

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Rs. 1,050.00

This car wax polish provides a complete solution to all auto cleaning problems and covers all the protective requirement of cars.This wax polish is prepared from Carnauba Wax which the largest natural wax in the world that provides and retains the sh..

Formula1 Carnauba Fast Wax 473ml

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Rs. 800.00

Then this fast wax from Formula 1 is perfect for you! Let Formula 1’s Carnauba Spray Fast Wax give you unparalleled shine and lasting protection for your car! Made with high-quality Grade #1, Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax, this product can make your ride..

Formula1 Carnauba Wash & Wax

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Rs. 1,800.00

Rich foam deep cleans bugs, dirt, tar and road grime. Rich Foam Deep Cleans and Adds a Carnauba Wax Shine as it Washes! No.1 Grade Carnauba Wax offers water-beading protection to all paint finishes...

Formula1 Carnauba Wax 473ml

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Rs. 999.00

Premium Quality Long lasting Thorough cleaning Gives out a shiny surface..

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Formula1 Premium Wash & Wax 946ml

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Rs. 1,300.00

Rich foam deep cleans bugs, dirt, tar and road grime Light-duty Super-Polymer shine and protection Rinses clean without leaving water spots Will not harm or dull paint finish like household liquid and powder detergents..

Formula1 Silver Wax for Silver Cars 473ml

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Rs. 1,000.00

ADVANCED CROSSLINKED POLYMER TECHNOLOGY: This premium product is manufactured with our advanced crosslinked polymer technology. This technology utilizes exclusive super-polymers that crosslink on a car’s finish, forming a clear, durable coating...

Harris Spray Wax 70 ml (12 Pcs)

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Rs. 1,500.00

Harris Spray Wax gives supreme protection & shine to your car exterior - quickly! The ultimate convenience product allows for you to spray on Carnauba Wax & Polymer protection & wipe off immediately! can be use directlty on car surface It..

Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax 311grams

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Rs. 4,500.00

Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba+Plus Paste Wax is clear coat safe and simple to apply and remove. Our premium formula uses only the best carnauba wax, fortified with long-lasting polymers to glide on and off smoothly, leaving a deep, rich carnauba wax ..

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.4L

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Rs. 5,000.00

CLEAR COAT SAFE: Carnauba wax and synthetic polymer technology gently cleans the paint while leaving behind additional wax protectionDEEP SHINE: Leaves a deep, glossy, just-waxed shine and gently cleans in one easy stepAMAZING SUDS: Incredible sudsin..

Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish Wax for car 252ml

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Rs. 4,000.00

EXTREME EASE: No buffing required and no dry time allows you to complete an entire vehicle in a matter of just minutesSIMPLE SPRAY AND WIPE: All it takes is a quick spray and wipe for shinier, protected paint ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Extreme water beadi..

Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash Shampoo 1.42L
Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash Shampoo 1.42L

Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Wash Shampoo 1.42L

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Rs. 3,000.00

The pH Adjusted Equation Won't Strip Wax And Gives A Without Streak Clean. Formed With Selective Cross Breed Innovation With Froth Conditioners And Cleansers For A Protected Clean. This Wash And Wax Can Be Applied By Hand Or By Froth Cannon. Incorpor..

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