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Grease Synthetic Lithuim (High Temp) Abro 454g

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Rs. 1,000.00

Water Resistant Heavy Duty, Mutli-Purpose Grease for Automotive and Marine Use Offers Maximum Protection for Wheel Bearings, Suspension Systems, Universal Joints, Steering Linkages and Chassis..

2-3 Days

Lithuim Grease Super Red Abro#2 454g

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Rs. 1,000.00

Abro Heavy Duty Super Red Lithium Grease #2 Multi-Purpose LG-920 for car Contains Extreme Pressure Additives for Severe Operating Conditions Excellent Performance in Temperature Extremes..

Super Heavy-Duty Grease Abro #3 454g

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Rs. 799.00

Sodium Based, Multi-Purpose, Fibrous Lubricant Recommended for Severe Service Conditions Protects Against Rust & CorrosionWeight: 454g..

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